Recognition of real silk, rayon and real silk satin

1 Real silk satin is made of natural silk, the silk surface is smooth and bright, the hand feels fine and elegant, it is breathable and does not feel sultry;

2 The rayon fabric feels rough and hard, and has a heavy feel. It is hot and airtight.

3 The shrinkage rate of real silk satin is relatively large, reaching 8%-10% after falling into the water and drying, while the shrinkage rate of rayon fabric is small, only about 1%.

4 After burning with fire, the effect is different. The real silk fabric emits a protein odor after being burned with fire. If you knead it with your hands, the ashes are in a powdery state; the rayon fabric burns at a fast speed. After the odorless fire is blown out, touch it with your hand, and the fabric has a clumpy feeling.

5 Nylon fabrics are different from real silk fabrics in gloss. Nylon filament fabrics have poor luster, and the surface feels like a layer of wax. The hand feel is not as soft as silk, with a stiff feel. When the fabric is tightened and released, although the nylon fabric also has creases, its creases are not as obvious as rayon, and it can slowly return to its original shape. Polyester fabric is crisp and non-marking, while the fabric is basically non-crease. Inspected by the spinning method, nylon yarn is not easy to be broken, real silk is easy to break, and its strength is far less than that of nylon.

6. Fabrics with more silk content are comfortable to wear and slightly more expensive. For silk/viscose blended textiles, the mixing amount of viscose fiber is usually 25-40%. Although this kind of fabric is low in price, good in air permeability, and comfortable to wear, the viscose fiber has poor wrinkle resistance. When the fabric is tightened and released by hand, there are more viscose fibers (rayon) with more pleats, and less on the contrary. Polyester/silk blending is also a kind of blended textile that is more common in the market. The amount of polyester is 50~80%, and 65% of polyester and 35% of spun silk are blended in China. This kind of fabric has good softness and drapability, and it is also strong and wear-resistant, and polyester has fold recovery ability and pleated retention, which has changed the performance of pure polyester fabrics. The texture and appearance of the fabric naturally take into account the characteristics of the two fibers. , But the performance of polyester fabric is slightly more.

Post time: Dec-14-2021

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