Womens short sleeve beautiful nightdress floral pattern pajama dress 797

Womens short sleeve beautiful nightdress floral pattern pajama dress 797

Short sleeve beautiful nightdress

Item name: Floral pattern pajama dress

No. :797

MOQ: In-stock, 1 piece

Usage: Hotel/Home/Spa/wedding

Material: 95% polyester 5% spandex

Color: colors in stock as photo show, if OEM any color is available

Size: S-XL, can be customized, We can make the drawings as your demands

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Product Information

Item name: Floral pattern pajama dress
Item No.  : 797
MOQ: In-stock, 2 piece
Usage: Hotel/Home/Spa/wedding
Material: 95% polyester  5% spandex
Color: colors in stock as photo show, if OEM any color is available
Size: S-5XL, can be customized, We can make the drawings as your demands
Print: Avaliable
Washing: hand washing in cold water
Touch Feeling: Soft, sexy, comfortable
Supply Type: In-Stock ltems
Service We can customized styles, sizes, colors, print, embroidered, logo, label, polybag,  Gift box, carton, tape and what anything you want.

Product Information

 96% polyester

Pull On closure

This simple random floral print go to dress is 95% polyester and 5% Spandex. Price is fair, the fabric is very soft and stretchy, which makes it light and ideal for summer weather but heavy enough as to where you don’t neec to worry about it flying up or getting stuck somewhere.Hand wash and they dry quickly with little or no ironing neede. No shrinkage.

The casual dress is above the knees and long enough that you wouldn't need to wear leggings with it if you didn't want too.It's a Swing style dress so it would fit comfortably over large hips.

LONG PAJAMAS PANTS: The satin long sleeves sleepwear sets feature a elastic drawstring that fits for most shapes and offers you maximum comfort.

Wear this dress to a casual evening out for drinks with friends, doing your hair&make up,to a graduation party, and to beach walking,etc. They’re comfy enough to wear around the house and appropriate for office work.You can dress it up very easily with any combination of jewelry,sandals, heels,flip flops or even sneakers.

What are the advantages of cotton fabrics for autumn and winter pajamas? Why add spandex?

1. The characteristic of pure cotton fabric is that it feels good in the hand, and it is comfortable and environmentally friendly to wear, but it is easy to wrinkle. Adding a small amount of spandex yarn can significantly change the physical properties of the fabric, greatly increase the elasticity of the fabric, while maintaining the texture and comfort of pure cotton. In addition, the addition of spandex to the neckline of the new autumn and winter pyjamas can prevent the neckline from becoming loose and deformed and maintain the lasting elasticity of the neckline.

2. The characteristic of singeing treatment is to remove the fluff formed on the surface of the yarn due to unwound fibers and protruding fibers, so that the pajamas fabrics are smoother and more beautiful, and the pajamas fabrics are evenly colored and can print clear and fine patterns.

3. Pajama printing is basically divided into two processes: screen printing and transfer printing.

Screen printing: The technology is more complicated, mainly including design, film production, printing, printing, and drying steps. The advantages of screen printing are high colour fastness, long-lasting, and washing resistance. Screen printing is expensive for plate making, so mass production is required to reduce costs, and generally cannot satisfy single-piece or very small batch printing. Transfer printing: also known as heat transfer. The advantage is that the colour is bright and the technology is relatively simple and easy to use. The disadvantage is that the pattern has poor durability, is not resistant to abrasion, and is not resistant to washing.

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