Men Socks

Men Socks

Custom Best Men’s Knee High Socks Wholesale BFL socks factory is the most professional manufacturer of Men’s Knee High Socks, We have rich experience and provide high-quality raw materials to produce Knee High Socks. We also provide customers with bamboo, cotton, wool ect of different yarns levels.

Your Professional & Reliable Men’s Knee High Socks Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier


Material: Bamboo / Cotton Or Customized.

Pattern Type: Picture styles are available from stock Or Customized.

Supply Type: OEM&ODM service

Package: Customized.

Sample:7-10 days

Delivery:30 days after sample confirmed.

Shipping: Door to Door Shipping.

Supplier type: Manufacturer In China.

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Your Professional & Reliable Children Socks Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier

If you are looking for a professional Baby socks manufacturer in China, BFL Socks Factory can be your premier partner. BFL can always provide you the best quality and rates.

Ask for a quick quote and let us take care of your next shipment of Chil dren socks.

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Product Information

 87% Bamboo,10% Nylon, 2% Spandex,1% Polyester.

Machine Wash

NON-BINDING and CIRCULATORY: Non-binding and soft-stretch top gently conforms to your feet without restricting circulation for ultimate comfort and optimal fit, allowing blood circulation to occur more easily. Extra wide cuff leaves no mark on your leg, yet stay up well without slipping off. T he socks suits for anyone who want a more comfortable feel, people with circulatory issues, especially for diabetes individuals’ sensitive feet.

PROTECTIVE, ODOR-RESISTANT and MOISTURE-WICKING: Fabric made from bamboo fiber is extremely soft, helping in reducing rough abrasion and shear forces on skin. Rayon from bamboo can naturally protect from infection and offers more moisture wicking ability than cotton. Bamboo material can wick away sweat, deliver more breathability and promote dry feet to protect you from infection.

CUSHIONED SOLE and HIDDEN SEAM TOE: Extra padding at bottom, toe and heel can aid in moisture-wicking, minimizing sensitivity and irritations, relieving aches, protecting from injury as well as providing comfort. Smooth no-irritation seam toe can protect from friction rubs, blisters and ulcers.

Washing tips: Bamboo fiber will be much softer after the first wash. We suggest you wash them before you put them on. Comparing to the cotton socks, bamboo socks look smaller but they are super stretchable.The fabric is durable and sustains its softness even through multiple washes.

Everyday made better: we listen to customer feedback and fine-tune every detail to ensure quality, fit, and comfort, any problem please contact us, we only want to give you a best service!

Pay attention to the size

Make sure you're wearing socks that fit. Not only will they be more comfortable, but they'll last longer. Socks that are too small can get holes from your toes trying to poke through the ends. Socks that are too big will bunch and rub where they're not supposed to. Read our guide on How to Tell if Your Socks Fit.

And don't ignore your shoes. They must fit properly too. If your socks are wearing on the tops or the sides, your shoes may be too small. Shoes that are too big can slip on your heels and rub the backs and bottoms of your socks.

Store them correctly. First of all, make sure they are dry before you put them away. Damp socks will lose their elasticity and become slouchy. Keep your sock pairs together. Ok, we'll admit this is mostly just a preference of ours. But, if you can find matching pairs, you won't be throwing out perfect singles.

Fold your socks. If you haven't found the proper folding method for you, take a look at 6 Ways to Fold Socks. Although we are happy with any folding process, we encourage you to fold them flat. This also helps socks keep their shape.

Take care of your feet. We hate to have to remind you of this but keep your toenails trimmed. Sharp nails can wear holes in the toes of your socks. It would help if you also kept your feet smooth. Rough, callused feet can cause friction in your socks, speeding up wear and tear.

Increase sock longevity. With proper care, you can increase the longevity of your socks. They will not last forever, but you can keep them looking good and lasting longer with these tips.

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