How to choose pajamas?

1. Which is better, flannel or coral fleece?

Flannel: The wool is used as raw material, the plush is relatively fine and compact, very thick, and has a good warmth retention effect. Skin-friendly and soft, not easy to deform. And with the advancement of technology, the current flannel pajamas feel plump, the suede is fine and not easy to shed hair. However, the weight of flannel is relatively high, and it may not be so easy to clean.

Coral fleece: Processed with polyester fiber, the fabric has a strong sense of layering and rich colors. Strong water absorption, three times that of cotton. Coral fleece pajamas have good warmth retention and a delicate feel. However, due to ingredients such as man-made fibers, allergic physiques may experience itching and redness of the skin.


2. Silk or mesh, nice sexy pajamas.

Silk: The pajamas have a smooth and soft texture and a delicate touch. It has better moisture absorption and air permeability than pure cotton, and also has a good skin care and health care effect. However, silk pajamas are more expensive, but they have a pearl-like luster and look noble and elegant. Silk pajamas are more delicate, so you need to pay attention when washing and maintaining them. You can choose pajamas with suspenders in summer, and gowns or split styles in autumn and winter. Two-piece or three-piece styles can be worn all year round.

Mesh: The pajamas fabric is wear-resistant and durable. The looming luster on the surface reveals a mid-to-high-end fashion sense. It is a very sexy ladies pajamas. The mesh pajamas have good elasticity and high strength, allowing people to stretch freely without worrying about clothes breaking. Mesh pajamas are generally bolder in design, which can reflect the beauty of women to the extreme. It is an indispensable sexy pajama in the two-person world. Generally, there are many styles of suspender pajamas and nightdresses, and you can buy them according to your own needs.

Post time: Nov-29-2021

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