What fabric is good for pajamas

1. Cotton pajamas

Advantages: Pure cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption and breathability, soft and skin-friendly, and can bring you a perfect comfortable experience. In addition, pure cotton pajamas are woven from cotton, which is natural, pollution-free, does not irritate the skin, and is safer to wear;

Disadvantages: Cotton pajamas are easy to wrinkle and are not easy to smooth, shrink and deform. If it is a poor quality cotton pajamas, it will become ugly after a few washes.

2. Silk pajamas

Advantages: real silk, in people’s impression, is noble and elegant, and the expensive price makes many people discouraged. The peculiar pearl-like luster of the silk pajamas fully demonstrates its gorgeousness and high-end. Silk pajamas feel smooth and soft, have good moisture absorption, breathability, and have good skin care and health care effects.

Disadvantages: Silk pajamas are more delicate, so pay special attention to them during the washing process.

3. Lace pajamas

Advantages: Lace pajamas have always been favored by many women for their unique romance and sexy. The lace fabric is light and breathable, and it will be cooler to wear in summer; and it is very light to wear on the body, without the slightest sense of heaviness. Compared with pure cotton, lace pajamas are not easy to wrinkle and shrink, and they are free and easy to wear.

Disadvantages: Lace is a chemical fiber fabric, which has a certain stimulus to the body, but with the enhancement of scientific and technological research and development capabilities, this irritation will be reduced to the lowest point.

4. Net yarn pajamas

Advantages: The fabric composition of net yarn pajamas is generally nylon and spandex. The biggest advantage of nylon is high strength and good abrasion resistance; while spandex has excellent elasticity. The mesh pajamas, which combines the advantages of the two, are of good quality and durable; good elasticity, allowing you to stretch freely. In addition, mesh pajamas have better air permeability, and the faint luster on the surface reveals a sense of high-end fashion.

Disadvantages: Nylon will turn yellow after long exposure. It has poor strength and poor moisture absorption like spandex.

Post time: Dec-14-2021

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