Pet Socks

Pet Socks

Custom Best PET Socks Wholesale If you are looking for a Professional PET Socks Manufacturer with excellent quality and service, this is definitely the place to be. BFL socks factory is manufacturing the shoe socks for over 100importers in the world. Being the biggest custom sock manufacturers China, you can count on us for the best quality and reasonable prices.

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Material: Cotton / Spandex / Polyester Or Customized.

Pattern Type: Picture styles are available from stock Or Customized.

Supply Type: OEM&ODM service.

Package: Customized.

Sample:7-10 days

Delivery:30 days after sample confirmed.

Shipping:Door to Door Shipping.

Supplier type:Manufacturer In China

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Your Professional & Reliable Children Socks Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier

If you are looking for a professional Baby socks manufacturer in China, BFL Socks Factory can be your premier partner. BFL can always provide you the best quality and rates.

Ask for a quick quote and let us take care of your next shipment of Chil dren socks.

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Product Information

 Machine Wash

 Size: It is suggested that the width of the paw should be less than the width of the sock (Measurement method: let your dog step on a piece of paper and draw the outline of the paw. Measure the width of the claw and choose size. Note: make sure your dog is on paper instead of putting your paws on the paper at will.)

 Adjustable design: these socks are equipped with nylon fasteners, allowing you to adjust into a suitable size, making socks can firmly fix on the pet’s feet; Adjustable nylon fasteners are more durable and practical to use, which are easy to fall off

 Anti-slip socks: these knit socks are particularly designed for pets; The silicone gel on the soles at the bottom of the socks are anti-slip and can provide extra friction on smooth roads to avoid pets sliding and protect their joints; These socks can also prevent pets from being injured on the hardwood floor

 Fit for most small pets: these socks come with different size sets for you to choose, one package includes one size, suitable for most small dogs and cats, providing them safety and warmth

 Everyday made better: we listen to customer feedback and fine-tune every detail to ensure quality, fit, and comfort, any problem please contact us, we only want to give you a best service!

Why Socks for Dogs

Non-slip dog socks help keep dogs from slipping on floors, give traction to senior dogs and dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis, protect paws from heat, snow or allergens and help keep paws wounds clean.

Canine Arthritis: Used Socks for traction needs related to canine arthritis, and many of our customers’ dogs do, too.

Slippery Floors: Age isn’t a factor in slippery floors. Young and old alike fear the shiny, slippery floors. Socks provide confidence and stability on hardwood, tile, and even linoleum. For this use, put Socks on all four of your dog’s paws.

Protect Hardwood Floors: Refinishing hardwood is expensive and time-consuming. Protect your hardwood floors against scratches and nail marks with Socks dog socks. In this case, put Socks on all four of your dog’s feet. We also suggest our Advanced socks with a reinforced toe so the nail won’t come through.

Outdoors – Heat, Cold & Allergens: Many of our customers use Socks dog socks to protect their dogs’ feet from weather – particularly very hot or freezing weather. Socks also protect dog feet from salt and allergens. And they’re machine washable!

Wound Protection: If the wound is on the paw, put a Socks sock on the injured paw. Socks are so soft and comfortable, so dogs tend to leave them (and the injured foot) alone. You may be able to remove the e-collar – a benefit for dog and owner! Vets and pet owners have achieved excellent results.

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