3 Pcs Floral Silky Pj Sets 013

3 Pcs Floral Silky Pj Sets 013

Women’s Silk Satin Pajamas Set 3 Pcs Floral Silky Pj Sets Sleepwear Cami Nightwear with Robe and Pant 013


Item name: Women’s Silk Satin Pajamas Set 3pcs Feather Silky Sexy Cami Sleepwear Nightwear with Robe and pants

No. : 013

MOQ: In-stock, 3 piece

Usage: Hotel/Home/Spa/wedding

Material: 95% polyester 5% spandex

Color: colors in stock as photo show, if OEM any color is available

Size: S-5XL, can be customized, We can make the drawings as your demands

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    Product Information

    Item name: 3 Pcs Floral Silky Pjs Sets
    Item No.  : 013
    MOQ: In-stock, 3 piece
    Usage: Hotel/Home/Spa/wedding
    Material: 95% polyester  5% spandex
    Color: colors in stock as photo show, if OEM any color is available
    Size: S-5XL, can be customized, We can make the drawings as your demands
    Print: Avaliable
    Washing: hand washing in cold water
    Touch Feeling: Soft, sexy, comfortable
    Supply Type: In-Stock ltems
    Service We can customized styles, sizes, colors, print, embroidered, logo, label, polybag,  Gift box, carton, tape and what anything you want.

    Product Information

     95% Polyester, 5% Spandex

     3 piece pajamas included: a cami, long sleeve robe with belt and long pants

     women satin pajama set with soft and smooth silky feel fabric, will keep you easeful while sleeping at night, that's ultra smooth against the skin so you can enjoy superior comfort.

     The unique dragon floral printing makes this silk pajamas look very luxurious and sexy

     Gift: The satin pj set is a perfect gift choice for your girlfriend, wife, mother, sisters or friends on birthday, Christmas Day, New Year, Valentine's Day, bridal party gifts, Honeymoon vocation or other festivals or anniversaries

     Washing instructions: Hand wash or machine wash in cold water, can also be dry-cleaned, hang to dry, do not bleach.

    How to distinguish between real silk pajamas and fake silk pajamas

    1. Observe the gloss. The luster of real silk is soft and uniform, bright but not glaring. Although the luster of rayon fabric is bright, it is not soft and pleasing to the eye.
    2. Feeling by hand. There is a handle feeling when you touch the silk fabric, but other chemical fiber products do not have this feeling. Rayon fabric is smooth and soft, but not stiff. Cotton silk weaves are harder to touch but not soft.
    3. Check the creases carefully. When the silk is squeezed tightly and then released, there is no crease because of its elasticity. Rayon fabrics have obvious creases after letting go, and the creases are difficult to restore to their original shape. Although polyamide silk has creases, it can slowly return to its original shape, so don't be fooled by its false appearance.
    4. Test fiber tension. Pull out a few fibers at the edge of the fabric and wet it with your tongue. If it is easy to break at the wet place, it is rayon. If it is not broken at the wet place, it is real silk. If the fiber is in a dry and wet state The strength is very good and it is not easy to break.
    5. Listen to the sound of friction. Because the silk surface is protected by sericin and is resistant to friction, dry silk fabrics will make a noise when rubbing against each other, commonly known as "silk sound" or "silk sound"; while other chemical fiber products have no sound.

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