Pajama set 2127

Pajama set 2127

INS New women pajamas pyjama 3 pieces satin silk pyjama femme 2127


Item name: INS New women pajamas pyjama 3 pieces satin silk pyjama femme

No. :2127

MOQ: In-stock, 2 piece

Usage: Hotel/Home/Spa/wedding

Material: 95% polyester 5% spandex

Color: colors in stock as photo show, if OEM any color is available

Size: S-5XL, can be customized, We can make the drawings as your demands

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Product Information

Item name: women pajamas pyjama 3 pieces satin silk pyjama
Item No.  : 2127
MOQ: In-stock, 2 piece
Usage: Hotel/Home/Spa/wedding
Material: 95% polyester  5% spandex
Color: colors in stock as photo show, if OEM any color is available
Size: S-5XL, can be customized, We can make the drawings as your demands
Print: Avaliable
Washing: hand washing in cold water
Touch Feeling: Soft, sexy, comfortable
Supply Type: In-Stock ltems
Service We can customized styles, sizes, colors, print, embroidered, logo, label, polybag,  Gift box, carton, tape and what anything you want.

Product Information

 96% polyester

 Soft, lightweight and comfortable fabric, no stretch. The super soft fabric will not give the body a sense of restraint. When you are in an air-conditioned room, the robe is the best choice cover your shoulder and arm.

 Fashionable, Elegant ,Uniqueand, Sexy design: zebra printing, and the advanced background color, the overall look is very luxurious.

 3 piece pajamas included: Cami, Shorts, Robe with Belt. Please check the content after receipt, if there is anything miss, please contact us as soon as possible to replace.

 The satin silk pj set is a perfect gift choice for your Girlfriend, Wife, Mother, Sisters or Friends on Birthday, Christmas Day, New Year, Valentine's Day, Bridal Party, Honeymoon Vocation or other festivals or anniversaries.

 Washing instructions:Hand wash or machine wash in cold water,can also be dry-cleaned,hang to dry,do not bleach.

Advantages of knitted fabrics

Knitted underwear and home clothes are very popular not only because of its bright color and novel style, but also because it has many advantages that other fabrics do not have.

1. Scalability. Knitted fabrics are made of yarns that are bent into loops and interspersed with each other. The loops have a large room for expansion and contraction. Therefore, they have good elasticity, fit and carry on the body when wearing, comfortable and convenient, suitable for stretching when the human body moves. Bending and other requirements.

2. Flexibility. The raw materials used in knitted garment fabrics are fluffy and soft yarns with low twist. The surface of the fabric has a layer of tiny suede, and the tissue composed of loops is loose and porous, which reduces the friction between the skin and the surface of the fabric during wearing. Gives a sense of comfort and tenderness.

3. Hygroscopicity and breathability. Because the loops that make up the knitted fabric are intertwined, numerous isolated air pockets are formed inside the fabric, which has good warmth retention and air permeability. In addition, both plant and animal fibers have a certain moisture absorption capacity, especially cotton fiber, which has better moisture absorption performance. Therefore, wearing cotton knitwear in the summer feels cooler and feels less discomfort.

4. Anti-wrinkle property. When the knitted fabric is subjected to a wrinkle external force, the loop can be transferred to adapt to the deformation when the force is applied; when the wrinkle force disappears, the transferred yarn can quickly recover and maintain the original state.

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