Women’s robe 1605

Women’s robe 1605

Wholesale women long sleeve printed kimono satin robe 

Item name: women robe for spring

No. :1605

MOQ: In-stock, 1 piece

Usage: Hotel/Home/Spa/wedding

Material: 95% polyester 5% spandex

Color: colors in stock as photo show, if OEM any color is available

Size: S-5XL, can be customized, We can make the drawings as your demands

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    Product Information

    Item name: jacquard silk satin pajama with pants
    Item No.  : 1605
    MOQ: In-stock, 2 piece
    Usage: Hotel/Home/Spa/wedding
    Material: 95% polyester  5% spandex
    Color: colors in stock as photo show, if OEM any color is available
    Size: S-5XL, can be customized, We can make the drawings as your demands
    Print: Avaliable
    Washing: hand washing in cold water
    Touch Feeling: Soft, sexy, comfortable
    Supply Type: In-Stock ltems
    Service We can customized styles, sizes, colors, print, embroidered, logo, label, polybag,  Gift box, carton, tape and what anything you want.

    Product Information

     96% polyester

    Drawstring closure

    MATERIAL: Women satin pajamas set made of 96% Polyester, 4% Spandex.This silk pajamas sets for women is so soft, smooth, sleek, lustrous, lightweight and comfortable to wear as women silk sleepwear set, satin nightwear sets.

     DESIGN: The lingerie Robe has Wide V-shaped neckline, comes with MATCHING BELT, BELT LOOPS, INSIDE TIES and has large LOOSE FLOWING SLEEVES for comfort. The sleeves of the gown are typical asian kimono style, not all the way to the wrist, but instead the sleeves reach a little down the forearm. This makes the womens bathrobe practical when doing everyday tasks around the house and wearing over sexy pyjamas or sleepwear.

    Occasion: This women long sleeves satin silk pajamas set is so a lightweight and soft pajamas set without weighing you down. Comfortable and suitable for strolling around house, lounging, pajamas party and sleeping. You can wear this pjs set as home wear and casual wear. And this silk pjs set is good as gift for your wife, girlfriend,mother,sisters and daughter.

    Features of pure cotton fabric

    1. Hygroscopicity: Cotton fibre has good hygroscopicity. Under normal circumstances, the wool can absorb moisture in the surrounding air, with a moisture content of 8-10%, so it comes in contact with human skin and makes people feel soft and not stiff. If the humidity of the cotton cloth increases and the surrounding temperature is high, all the moisture in the fibre will evaporate and disperse so that the fabric will maintain moisture balance and make people feel comfortable.
    2. Moisturizing: Because cotton fibre is a poor conductor of thermoelectricity, the thermal conductivity is very low, and because cotton fibre itself has the advantages of porosity and high elasticity, a large amount of air can accumulate between the fibres. Air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Pure cotton Fiber textiles have good moisture retention, and people feel warm when wearing pure cotton fabrics and clothes.
    3. Heat resistance: Pure cotton fabric has good heat resistance. When the temperature is lower than 110°C, only the moisture on the material will evaporate, and the fibres will not be damaged. Therefore, the wearing, washing, printing and dyeing of pure cotton fabric at room temperature does not affect the material, and the washing, wearing and wearing performance of the pure cotton fabric is improved.
    4. Alkali resistance: Cotton fibre has strong alkali resistance. When the cotton fibre is in the alkaline solution, the thread will not be damaged. This performance is conducive to the washing and disinfection of clothing, dyeing, printing and various processes of pure cotton textiles, resulting in more new cotton varieties and clothing styles.
    5. Hygiene: Cotton fibre is a natural fibre; the main component is cellulose. Pure cotton fabrics have been tested and practised in many ways. The contact between the material and the skin has no irritation and adverse effects. It is beneficial and harmless to the human body for a long time and has good hygienic properties.

    Product Pictures

    pj 1 pj 2 Wholesale Women Long Sleeve Printed Kimono Satin R

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    订单流程 (睡衣)副本

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